If you have children born in Italy:

If you have a newborn baby, you have to enroll it at the register office. You can either register the baby through the hospital within three days from the day of birth, or you can go directly to the municipal register office within ten days from the day of birth. If you are not married, both parents must be present to register the baby. Finally, you must notify your embassy of your baby's birth.

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If you have a permit of stay, you must enroll your children at the Nationa Health System and choose a Paediatrician. Even if you do not have a permit of stay, you can choose a Paediatrician for your children.

Where? Go to the register office of the nearest Local Health Unit (called "ASL"). Maps

- Choose a pediatrician whose ambulatory and opening hours are easily accessible.
- Take your child to the pediatrician for regular check-ups starting from the first months of life and not just in case of illness.
- If your child has difficulty in moving, walking, speaking or has behavioral problems, your pediatrician can refer you to the Rehabilitation Service for Children and Adolescents (called "SREE") where your child will be diagnosed and treated appropriately.
- If you need advice on breastfeeding you can contact the Ambulatory Care Service free of charge.

You can take your childeren to the health center to get vaccinated according to the regional vaccination calendar. Vaccines for children are provided free of charge.
Children enrolled in the National Health System will receive a letter with dates and details to get vaccinated. Children can get vaccinated even if they do not have a permit of stay. Call the Health Center to make an appointment.

Dates and details for vaccinations: Vaccinations

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