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This website provides information on health care services for foreign citizens living in Umbria Region (Italy). Foreign citizens and their children living in Umbria Region (Italy) can find addresses and useful information on how to access local health care services in case of illness. This website provides basic information on how to access public health care in Umbria Region with a focus on mother and child health services.

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Information on this website is  free of charge and available for both regular and irregular migrants living in Umbria Region (Italy). All information is provided without requesting any personal information.


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University of Perugia (Department of Economics):
Prof. M. Giannoni Scientific Coordinator
Prof. A. Montrone – Economic evaluation

Dr. U. Pizzoli – Web area manager UNIPG

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Dr. V. Mattei (Paediatrics Consultant)- Contents editing 
Dr. L. Demostenous – (ASL1 PERUGIA) – Contents validation
Dr. A. Paglino – (Associazione Culturale Pediatri ACP Umbria)
Dr. F. Manciola - Linguistic Support

Umbria Region:
P. Casucci – Umbria Region - Project Coordination  for Umbria Region
O. Checconi – Umbria Region - project Management for Umbria Region and contents validation

Ship - Ideas in motion srls
Development and maintenance of the WEB & APP Software
M. Giannoni, A. Pierleoni, M. Seracini, D. Maccauro, E. Todini

T4E srl.:
Prof. S. Casadei e Dr. A. Pierleoni (Fac. Ingegneria- T4E srl) – Software development for version 1.0
Dr. D. Maccauro - App. development


This project has been financed by Umbria Region - D.G. Health and Social Coesion-  PEHRG (Poverty and Equity in Health Research Group) Project - www.pehrg.unipg.it to the Department of Economics of the University of Perugia (ITALY)

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Department of Economics of the University of Perugia (DEC ), Umbria Region, SHIP-Ideas In Motion srls.

Warning: All information provided by this service should not  be intended as a substitute for health care provided by your doctor.

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